Shep’s Tattoo Collection

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This is a racemenu plugin that adds 132 new overlays to a female character face.

It’s a variation of 49 original tattoo’s that I broke down for more customization.

This awesome work originates from DAI Nexus created by ShepShy.

I’m a huge fan of DAI and love their modding community.

I’m excited to bring some of that talent here to the Skyrim community!

If you love these overlays please, please go to ShepShy’s original

Mod page here and endorse their works.

These are a collection of all their facial tattoo’s from

Shep’s Tattoo Collection, All about the face part one and part two.

You can find all overlays under the makeup tab in Racemenu.

Just type “Shep” into the search bar after click T to choose

your overlay and it’ll bring them all up 🙂

Requirements – Racemenu


Credits – ShepShy for their amazing work

Special thanks!

Thunderstorm95 for taking beautiful screenies for me to use on the mod page <3

Please do not use these assets and upload them to any site. Including Nexus.

I do not own these assets. I was only given permission to port them into our Skyrim world 🙂

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