Shiny Rubber Catsuits – Male Suits

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Adds male suit models for Shiny Rubber Catsuits, which this mod requires.

Be sure to set Shiny Rubber Catsuits to load before this mod loads

NOTE: I plan to edit the bodysuit further to make the sides flatter, will be updating the mod once that’s done.


I’m not great at 3d modeling and just edited the models already in the mod to use with male characters. As such, the neck of the bodysuit may be a bit off depending on the character and some clipping may occur.


– Edited bodysuit models and bases for transparent suits for a more male shape

– Scaled up gas mask and collar models to fit male characters

– Modified ESP file to make a separate file that overrides male model settings of the original mod

– All other models and files within are copy & pasted

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