Sicarius Refuge Less Lights

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DLC Version Only.

Remove or hide the following:





IMPORTANT!!! This is only a plugin and does not include data files. Download and install Sicarius Refuge DLC Version. Overwrite the dlc plugin with this one.


Removed all light sources from the child room. 

Removed certain light sources that when in linear view, cause fps drop

Folders and meshes listed above cause massive fps loss. Remove/delete them.

Removed light sources from activatables on the enchanting/alchemy area.

Removed light sources on Sithis Altar.

Removed all light sources around Old Shack.

Kitchen and Forge Shadowlight left untouched.


*Will appear dark for non-ENBs and candles with low intensity.

*The forge area causes some fps loss when inside the room and camera is at a certain position. I don’t know why the shadowlight(invisible) is behaving that way.

*Some fps loss when standing near the case for Mehrune’s Razor/Armour Storage. Avoid walking/standing/idling on that corner.

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