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UUNP Bodyslide Preset

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This is another original character concept. At first she was a necromancer, but then she evolved into a sort of spirit summoner. I wanted her to be somewhat of a good person, someone who helps the dead rather than exploit them. The idea is that she summons revengeful spirits, people who died due to some injustice or on a battlefield. By summoning them to fight for her, they can release that rage and finally be at peace to move on to their rightful afterlife.


Ever since she was a child, Sidney has been a magnet to lost spirits. They would come to her because she could see them when others could not. As she grew older, she learned to make their presence known to others, effectively summoning them. She would summon them to their family members so that the ghosts could move on. Some spirits, however, weren’t looking to say goodbye to their families. They were looking for a way to enter the mortal realm to sate the rage they feel. The first one tried to attack her, but her powers developed further allowing her to bind them to her will. At first, she tried to put them at peace by speaking to them, but it didn’t work. They wanted violence in anyway they could get it.

One night, a group of bandits broke into the house of a local merchant, killing him. His ghost came to her alerting her of what happened. The merchant always be kind to her and her family since she was a child, so that same night, she approached the bandit camp, tracking them down with the help of a wolf ghost. She then summoned two ghosts and they quickly slaughtered all 5 bandits within 20 seconds. It was a dreadful sight. Now as an adult, she allows these vengeful ghosts to kill bandits, ghosts, and other evil doers when she comes across them. With wars constantly being waged, murders always happening, there was always a supply of vengeful ghosts. Despite being surrounded by ghosts all the time, she feels isolated because most people fear her and “her ghosts” that follower her. She is not open to accepting the company of other adventurers…if they’re brave enough to be around the ghosts that follow her.


Sidney’s Stats

Gender: Female

Voice Type: Female Dark Elf

Body: Custom UUNP Special Body

Class: Spirit Guide

Combat Style: Summoning Powerful Ghosts and lightning magic

Likes: freeing the dead

Dislikes: purgatory, most daedric realms


Falkreath inside the Inn



XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS

HDT Physics


Relationship Dialog Overhaul

EFF (or your favorite follower manager)

My Home is Your Home


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