Silent’s Taste – CBBE HDT Bodyslide Preset

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Hello there, how are you doing? 

I’m here bring to you a preset that is perfect for me and I want to give it to you, so If you have a similar taste to mine you’ll like it.

It’s just one file with no optionals, but this preset is like… How could I say? All-In-One. With 0 weight you’ll have very small breasts, with 50 a medium size, and with 100 weight you’ll have big boobs, but not too big because we don’t want nothing exaggerated here.

You can install it through a Mod Manager or Manually.

If you guys want me to make optionals that are focused in just one type, like a preset just for small boobs and another just for big boobs, you can say that in the “posts” section, I’ll always try to read and answer as fast as possible.

Thank you for reading ’till here! Have a nice day and stay healthy! 

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