Silver Vampire Eyes Standalone with DVA Support

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Standalone silver vampire eyes in 1K resolution. Can optionally support DVA – Dynamic Vampire Appearance.

The standalone version includes 6 eye variants in glowing and regular versions. They work with all humanoid races.

The DVA version will look normal enough to pass as a regular human at early stages, but at higher stages you will be easily  identifiable as a vampire. This version replaces all eye textures and meshes that come with DVA.

You can choose between a version with or without invisibility eye fix, depending on your ENB version and settings.

No beast race support, as the red sclera is needed to look right.

Don’t like silver eyes? Have blue ones instead.

Credits and thanks:

Fair Skin Complexion by HHaley for the eye base

Thank you Conor and Dave for your screenshots

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