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Simple armor rebalance(SAR) – it’s a lightweight perk overhaul for armor and blocking, it don’t use any scripts. 

Perk trees is very similar to vanilla. I reduce a defence bonus(heavy armor give 20% less defence, light armor 40% less ).


Main features/changes/new perks

Heavy armor:

New perks:

 Cavalryman – You take 30% less damage when riding horse (this perk is instead of Cushioned)

 Well protected – 50% to poison resist 


Juggernaut now has 3 levels – 25/50/75%

Reflect blow give 15% chance instead 10%

Wellfit and heavy matching set require 3 parts of armor.

Light armor

New perk:

Hit and run – all weapons(including unarmed ) do 15% more damage.


Agile defence now has 3 levels 20/40/60%

Deff movement now has 3 levels 10/20/35% and work only when you move or sprint

All light armor perks which require full set now require 3 parts of LA, you can also equip one heavy part (I did this for possibility to wear heavy gauntlets with light armor set, I also increase  unarmed bonus damage of all gauntlets (just a few percent, it shouldn’t be overpowered) 

Perks deff movement, windwalker and hit and run will work with clothing/unarmored too.


New perks:    

Firebash – bash by torch do double damage (stack with deadly bash) 


Shield Wall has 3 levels 15/30/45% 

Deadly bash has 2 levels 5x/10x damage 

Shield charge – now  knock down has 25% chance instead of 100%

It’s just an alpha version. Please let me know if some perks will work wrong.

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