Simple Belly Paints – Bodypaints of Shadowmarks Skillpaints and Faction Paints – RaceMenu Overlays

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This mod is my attempt to add some additional paint specifically placed on the belly. This will likely be the first in a series of mods made to cover specific areas of the body, I figured starting with the belly is a good starting point! If you enjoy body paints, this mod will of course provide you with more options for your characters naval area! With the wide variety of paints available with this mod, you gain many new options for showing aspects of your character on their bellies!

Whats included?

20 Simple Designed Bellypaints – designed after nothing in particular.

9 Shadowmark Paints – help your character steal hearts with these thieves guild paints!

18 Skill Paints – based after all 18 skills in the game! Show your characters prowess and dedication to their skill!

5 Faction Paints – Show your loyalty with paints for the Stormcloaks, Imperials, Aldmeri Dominion, Ebonheart Pact, and Daggerfall Covenant faction!

Previews of all the paints included at the end of the images tab!

Whats planned for the future?

I plan to add more designs, create alternate versions of some of the faction and skill paints, or other things that people think would look good on the belly! If you have an idea, be sure to share a comment and I will be sure to consider it for an update!

-Discord Server– (Come here to check on progress of mods I am making, as well as chat or ask for help)

-Special Edition[/url]–


SKSE[/url] – For RaceMenu

RaceMenu[/url] – You will need this to be able to use the overlays in-game!

-Mod Usage-

In order to use the  mod, you will need RaceMenu[/url] installed, which allows you much more options for character customization. Inside of RaceMenu, shortly after the normal character customization options, you will find the Body Paint section with a list of textures inside. To select a texture to add to your character, press “T” over one of the values that show up, which will bring up a large list of all the overlays you have available to you.

 At the bottom there should be a search bar, which you can type into to specify what you are looking for. To help the user to find the overlays that will best fit the character they are using, all overlays added by the mod come with the prefix SBP!

Thus, typing into the search bar in the texture lists “SBP”, will pull up a list of all the paints added by this mod!


Installation is simple, simple extract the files and move the data folder inside to your Skyrim directory. Otherwise, you may use Vortex or NMM to install by choosing download with Vortex/NMM in the files section.


If you installed using Vortex NMM, or any other mod organizer, you will likely be able to uninstall using it.

To uninstall the mod for RaceMenu, you may disable the mods esp, as well as delete the folder for the mods textures found here “textures/actors/character/Overlays/SBP”

-Thanks for taking a look at this mod! Also, a big thanks to Mekasaa for helping me test the mod and contributing some screenshots!-

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