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This is a simple overhaul for children, giving them unique faces, new textures, a wider variety of hair, and unique eye colors, bringing them inline with adult npcs. They use whatever hair, eye and clothing retextures you have installed.


Skyrim Legendary Edition – I will only support having all the DLC.

Tk Children – only tri files required. Do not use esp or esm!

Without these morphs, this would have been impossible.


1) Download and install Tk Children. Remove everything but the *.tri files.

2) Install Simple Children

3) Install Patches

4) Done!

Load Order

SimpleChildren.esp is an esm flagged file. It should be at the top of your load order, anywhere after USLEEP.

FacegenForKids.esp should go fairly low in your order to overwrite any other edits to vanilla kids.

Patches can go anywhere after their respective mods except any that edit the vanilla children. Those should go below FacegenForKids.esp. Feel free to merge as required for your load order.


Other mods that add new children are compatible. They will remain vanilla children, but receive the new skin textures from the mod. Any patches already available are in the Optional section of the Downloads. I will not be supporting patch requests for LE. I don’t have the time or inclination to keep two versions of Skyrim running.

Mod Specific Compatibility


Recommended Additions

Cute Eyes

Superior Lore Friendly Hair

Rustic Clothing


Vanilla Hair Variety Plus – adapted some hair for kids

TD18 Lore Friendly Hair – adapted some hair for kids

Nuska Resources[/url] – lip textures and inspiration

Rustic Children – for the undershirt idea instead of dealing with neck seams

Screenshots taken with Prince and The Pauper installed.

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