Simple Skyrim Bethesda Logo Remover

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This mod reduces the time it takes to start up skyrim, by replacing the bethesda logo video file with an empty video file.

This causes skyrim to skip the intro video and saves the player 6 precious seconds of waiting everytime they start skyrim.

I find this mod very usefull if you’re starting skyrim frequently and dont want to watch the bethesda logo everytime you start skyrim.

I reccomend installing this mod using mod manager so you can enable / disable it at will without replacing the bethesda logo video file permenatly. If you do accidentally remove the video file and want it back: simply go into steam/library, Right-click skyrim, select properties, local files tab, “VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES…” and steam should check your files and download any missing files.

This works with skyrim and skyrim special edition.

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