Simple Worldwide Interior Fast Travel patches for USLeEP and Cutting Room Floor

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Simple Worldwide Interior Fast Travel + USLeEP + Cutting Room Floor Patches

ver. 1.0

by Darklocq

This is a choice of two replacement ESPs file for Simple Worldwide Interior Fast Travel (SWIFT), for compatibility with the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLeEP, USLEP), or for both USLeEP and the Cutting Room Floor mod.  It preserves the corrections to cells implemented by USLeEP, and (in the CRF version) the customization of a Thalmor-related cell, all of which SWIFT was undoing. (Exception: I have not retained several USLeEP possessive spelling “corrections” because they were actual errors according to most modern style guides.)

It is not for the old separate Unofficial Patch series, which are obsolete.

This has nothing to do with the other SWIFT (Skyrim Waysrines – Immersive Fast Travel).


Just replace your existing SWIFT.esp in your game’s Data folder.

Boilerplate: I claim no credit for anything in this, other than copying some record entries from USLeEP’s and CRF’s ESPs to SWIFT’s.  I impose no restrictions of any kind on the use of this file (beyond those of the original author that may pertain to SWIFT itself).

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