Simply Better Lighting (Whiterun)

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[font=Georgia][/font][font=Georgia]This mod simply makes all the interiors lighting in Whiterun more natural. Lighting now onlycomes from actual light sources like candles and fires and big windows or openings to the outside. All the light sources in every single interior cell within Whiterun has been carefully redone by hand as well as Honningbrew meadery, Battleborn Farm, Palagia Farm and Chillfurrow Farm.

Important Note:

It is very hard to notice the improvements and changes unless you use a dark interior mod alongside with it. I would reccommend my own mod “Simply Darker Interiors” and it is what is used in all screenshots + my other mod “Saturation Increase by Simtar123”This mod should be compatible with most other mods as it only moves light sources around, it does not edit cell data.Future: I might do other cities and towns and caves and dungeon, but I will see what people think of this one first. I would love any thoughts and feedback!

Its a simple ESP file, make sure to place it low in the load order to ensure it works.

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