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 Simply Filled Goblets: Cer12 Wine Addon

Have you ever been irritated by the fact that while Skyrim’s plates are always filled with food, the cups are as barren as the Sahara desert?

This bugged me for a while, until I discovered Hoamaii’s wonderful creation, Wine and Beer In Tankards. Finally, my NPCs were no longer attempting to drink air. Finally, the tankards in Skyrim’s inns were full. But there was one glaring issue: the cups and goblets. While the tankards in-game were now full to the brim, the other half of unfortunate drinkware was empty.


This mod aims to remedy this, with the replacements of Skyrim’s drink-less goblets and cups. So, instead of dry metal and ceramic, new drinks abound!

Cups are now filled with pumpkin juice, and goblets are now filled with wine.

With Hoamaii’s permission, I also included an optional retextured version of their tankards and beer, for use with the SMIM dark brushed metal tankard option. The new, darker beer texture is to differentiate beer from the pumpkin juice texture. Additionally, for a beer retexture to help differentiate the tankards, I would recommend the Beer in Tankard Patch from Rustic Clutter Collection, which also replaces Homaii’s original texture. 


There is no .esp, and these are loose files, so use your mod manager (or manually if you so desire). 

For the optional Hoamaii Retex, you will need to install the original mod.

My mod itself doesn’t require Hoamaii’s mod explicitly, but there’s really no reason to use it without it.


If you used a mod manager to install, use that to uninstall it as well.

If you installed the mod manually, make sure you delete the ‘ps46183’ folder in the ‘textures’ folder

In addition, remove

-  ‘animobjectmq201gobletr.nif’ in ‘meshes/animobjects’

-  ‘glazedcup01.nif’ and ‘glazedgoblet01.nif’ in ‘meshes/clutter’

-  ‘silvergoblet01.nif’, ‘silvergoblet02.nif’, and ‘silverplatter01idlecups.nif’ in ‘meshes/clutter/silver’


There will be conflicts with anything that replaces the .nif file for goblets in game. The mod WILL NOT conflict with any texture replacer (such as Rustic Clutter Collection) which replaces the textures for silverware, goblets, cups, etc.



None that I know of atm. The transparency is relatively low for the wine, but depending on the settings/environment/enb/lighting/etc, the brightness will be affected (like any other model in-game)


–  Hoamaii, for giving permission for me to upload this mod with a retexture for his

 -  ps46183 for his modder’s resource Goblets Cups With Wine And Orange Juice Resources, which I used for the liquid meshes

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