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Over the past few weeks i have been creating this enb by editing Kwanon enb. I found that the technology inside Kwanon is beaming with potential so i decided to push it as far as i could. I hope you enjoy this enb however BE WARNED this enb isnt for the faintest of machines if the inis are not optimised for it. 

If you want your game to look good and run well JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER at The Republic of Ricardoand there i can be available to trouble shoot and optimise your game. If your a screenshotter you also should join anyway because that is what this is all about after all :D.

Also early disclaimer while this enb does look good in most applications its primarily for screenshotters and is only good for general use if you use a clear weather command (fw 81a) in the console commands.


Special thanks to all the people involved directly in the project with links aplied to all my good friends and little helpers who all deserve some love.

Sindrigosa- Author, Debugger, Tester, Editor, too much free time

⋆ຟitch⋆Debugger, Tester, Good friend and Supporter

Atheos- Tester, Shotter, lord of all things fruit related

Rias – Tester, Shotter, Smut Lord

Luceian – Tester, Shotter, Wizard

Boki - Tester, shotter, Flower child 

DiamondBack - Shotter, Not very pink

Hardie -  Tester, Shotter, Crackers and cheese

FaithFear - Shotter, Also a Flower Child

Jupiter - Shotter, Meme lord


Read this carefully if you are either a screenshotter or interested in fine tuning your look for the enb (I will add this soon for now join my discord for a detailed guide)

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