Sins of the Past

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Experience an intricate journey of redemption, taking you throughout all of Skyrim in…

Sins of the Past

A story-driven quest mod, revealing a possible player home.

From the creator of Thief in the (K)night

How to start your journey:

Somebody has deposited an anonymous note at the Shrine of Talos in the city of Markarth. Read what it says to start the quest.

This mod includes:

– A story-driven quest with no combat encounters.

– Five books written in prose or poetry, adding to the lore of the game.

– A small, hidden dungeon that can be used as a player home.


This mod is not intended for players with very short attention spans. It is more of a spiritual/ literary journey and doesn’t offer any combat encounters.


Can possibly cause conflicts with mods altering cell 19, -12, though this cell is so inhospitable I doubt anybody else modified it 😉


Thank you for any and all endorsements. Constructive feedback is greatly appreciated. This is only my second mod. I’ve had to learn a lot of scripting and other necessities through online tutorials. Therefore I would like to thank everybody who contributed to the community by making explanatory videos and guides. Special thanks go to Darkfox127, whose brilliant tutorials on YouTube greatly helped me out.

Also, English is actually not my first language, so please excuse any grammatical/ idiomatic errors in the texts.

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