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No installation needed, just copy all the files into your main skyrim folder where your batch files are located, since this is a batch file as well.

How to use

Unzip the files to your main skyrim folder, the zip contains 4 .txt files.

Step 1 : Bring up your console “~” Use the mainquest1.txt by typing in “bat mainquest1″ without the ” and you’ll gain and unlock all the necessary shouts and finish most early on quests, once that’s done prepare yourself to fight Alduin. I prefer using a tweak mod to make my shouts 1 HKO Alduin, you can use whatever you want.

Step 2 : Type in “bat mainquest2” and your game will proceed to load a few times, don’t worry it’s normal. It will load till where you fight Alduin for the first time, this is where you’ll need to kill Alduin and make sure not to die, kill it by any means necessary, remember to use Dragonrend as you already have the shouts. Once Alduin has flown away, WAIT, wait for Paarthurnax to fly to the center where he eats and shits. (At this point you can continue with the story by talking to Paarthurnax or continue with step 3.)

Step 3 : Do not talk to Paarthurnax if you’re gonna use mainquest3.txt. Type in “bat mainquest3” your screen will go white, wait for awhile and you’ll see all the dragons surrounding you, when that happens it means you have successfully completed the main quest, once all the commotion is over type in “theend” in the console and speak to Paarthurnax.

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