Skjolga’s Basin

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As always, I strive to match the quality of the base game and possibly even exceed it where I can. The focus of this mod is to provide a highly detailed dungeon with an exterior world-space, and I learned many new things creating this from scripting to quest-creation to worldspace creation. I’ve put as much effort into making it the best mod that I can and I hope you enjoy

playing it! -Cryptdick

Skjolga’s Basin includes:

-Beautiful exterior world-space and multiple interior dungeons to explore

-Full quest and back-story, with much well-written lore to discover

-Multiple Boss Enemies

-Randomized loot

-A unique item and conjuration spell

-Minimum suggested level: 20



How to Find:

-Search for the Path to Skjolga’s Basin map marker west of Falkreath, in the vicinity of Cracked Tusk Keep. Picture showing map location in the image gallery!

Special Thanks:

JonnyWang, Crestycomb and Candoran2 for helping answer a lot of questions!

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