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“One day, I was playing Skyrim. Then it hit me.

[/i]What if… we have a launcher for SKSE with shortcut buttons to open up your NMM, LOOT, and other stuff?”

   - Me, at work

And now, I present you…

SKSE Launcher v1.0!


So what does this utility do? Its just a simple Skyrim SKSE Launcher.

But with these following features:

1. Lets you open SKSE of course with a custom launcher, woo-hoo!

2. Lets you open your different modding tools like:

a. Vortex

b. NMM



e. BodySlide

f. Wyre Bash

g. TES5Edit

3. Also has a shortcut where you can just open your .ini folder and your game folder with just a two clicks!

4. You don’t need to install it, just pop it up and you’re ready to go!

How to use:

1. Download the .rar file.

2. Extract contents.

3. Read ReadMe.txt.

4. Open SKSE Launcher.

5. Set your paths.

6. And you’re done.


1. Your device of course.

2. RAR Extractor to extract files.

3. TXT Reader to open ReadMe.txt file.

Known Bugs:

– Nothing at the moment.


– v1.0 released

If there are some bugs, please don’t hesitate to report.

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