Sky Daddies – The Three Brothers

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The three brothers travels through skyrim as the servant of the daedirc prince, Hircine. They are each granted the blessings of a certain beast, representing their strength and fightstyle, and personalities.

Ax, the eldest, is granted the blessings of the mammoth. With a chest full of hair and abnormal endurance, he is the band’s rock. He always has his brothers’ back and takes care of his younger brothers. Don’t let his apperance intimidate you, he is a gentle and warm fellow who’s more than willing to lend you his shoulder and give you a big hug when you need it.

He is a bottom, even though every man he’s been in bed with wants the monster dangling between his thighs to rip them apart.

Ty, the second oldest brother, is blessed with the might of the eagle. With a keen vision and incridible agility, he is probably the deadliest of the brothers. He is an excellent archer with decent swordsmanship, a master of hunting. He believes in justice, charity, righteous rule by might and merciful forbearance. He never misses a chance to provide a hand to the weak and deliver punishment onto bandits, thieves or worse. But he is also merciful, and believes in second chances.

He is, however, embarrassed by his unquenchable desire for sex, gets hard with even a hint of sex and almost made love to a thick-manass-looking tree trunk once. He tries to oppress it the best he can, though. Maybe somebody will tell him it’s nothing to be ashamed of someday and let him loose with his natural needs.

Tor, the youngest, is a force to be reckoned with. With the blessings of bear, he is the most beasty and savage out of the three brothers. He carves through his enemies with his twin axe like an unstoppable juggernaut, enjoys a strong drink after a bloody fight, and wild, long sessions between the bedsheets with anyone that he sees eye to eye. Don’t worry about whether you can handle him – he is a joy to be around once you get on his good side, he is loyal, down to earth and easy going to his friends.

Although, sometimes, he has really strange dreams about his brothers, doing …. wildly inappropriate things. It is disturbing, but he also can’t help but wake up to his pants filled to the brim with creamy seeds by the end of these dreams. He shall never talk about this to his brothers – to anyone, ever. No, he cannot. Right?

Mods in the screenshots

– Shape atlas for men

– Improved eyes

– Brows and Beards by Hvergelmer

– Fine face textures for men

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