Skyrim A Fragile Alliance (WIP)

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A work in progress.

What I hope to create over time is a different type of skyrim experience. One that is more focused on observation and player choices. You find out as much information as you can and then make your decisions.

Right now you can visit the WIP Treaty Blocks. COC RedgaurdSquare.

You will find the Redguard faction and their representatives at their post. 2 guards, a leader, a merchant (with his camels) and a farmer with his fowel.

I hope with the next update to add dialogue for the Redguards indicating their individual stances on other factions, the treaty blocks, unique dialogue that can only be heard on certain days etc. Oh and adding the Argonians too.

Planned Features:

Cutscenes (tested and confirmed during my own time)

Craftable items such as houses, tents etc. (tested and confirmed during my own time)

Destructible Objects (From my Enhanced Item Interaction Mod)

Complex Potions, Perks, Ingredients, Food (From my similarly named mod)

Rich story

Time limits and timely events (tested and confirmed during my own time)

Credits: (Check these modders out)

Tasheni – Redguard Fashion – Tasheni Mod Project

MihailMods – Hammerfell Imports- Pedlars of Tamriel (mihail immersive add-ons- redguard- camel)

sepharis – Redguard Noble Armor

Voraxith – Redguard shields (Hammerfell armoury)

farinelli – Engraved shamshir (Hammerfell armoury)

farinelli – Engraved bow (Hammerfell armoury)

farinelli – Unique scimitars (Hammerfell armoury)

MihailMods – Geese and Hammerfell Fowls- Elements of Skyrim pt.15 (mihail immersive add-ons- birds)



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