Skyrim Bandit Followers

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Ever felt like picking up a loose dog and putting him/her to good use, well now you can. You can recruit up to 5 bandits as followers, they are voiced and has the basic follower functions such as wait/follow/trade, or you can choose to dismiss them to hell which will make them hostile again.

Bandit followers are not essential and will die like normal. However they will regenerate health but at a reduced rate of 0.3 while 0.7 is the normal rate.

When you reach a max of 5 and recruit another bandit, one of them will be left behind and may wonder off. I know little of the consequences of trying to break this mod due to limited testings however I suggests you kill the bandit when not needed.

Note: Not all “Bandits” are affected, only those who are in “BanditFaction” are able to be followers. These are your generic common ruffians.




Use the managers to install. When uninstall just kill your bandits or they’ll simply follow you around and you cant talk to them.


This mod is all quest based thus limiting conflicts, as of now there are no known issues.

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