Skyrim Colors and Tints

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                                                   Skyrim Colors and Tints

This mod contains a guide with step by step instructions on how to activate the Nvidia Freestyle Overlay for Skyrim LE. The workaround will also unlock the overlay for tons of other games that didn’t receive official support when the overlay was released. To use the overlay, all you need is an Nvidia Graphics card capable of running Nvidia GeForce Experience. You’ll also need specific versions of Nvidia Graphics Drivers and GeForce Experience.

The Freestyle Overlay offers twelve different filters that can be mixed and matched then saved in three different sets called styles:

Filters Included:


Black n White



DOF (Depth of Field)








All the necessary files and versions are linked within the PDF along with screenshots and a thorough explanation of how to get everything set up and working. See the Screenshots section for some examples of the overlay and effects in game. 

This Overlay is designed primarily for anyone that can’t run an ENB due to hardware issues but wants to add a new look to the game. I’ve done extensive testing with this tool and noticed no performance loss as a result of using it. Settings and filters can be changed ingame at any time and hotkeys can be customized to turn the effects on and off as well as to cycle through the three different styles.


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