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First of all, skyrim lagging also caused by too many mod, for example, you have armor/weapon mod that has script, quest mod, heavy size follower mod, or unsafe gameplay mod, so you have to limit your mod, put what you need, dont add anything that useless, you better add mod that changes your gameplay than adding unsafe mod that causing lag and fps hit, avoid scripted mod, i put how my skyrim looks like in the image section, thats the result of this guide, this is my personal modding guide so i hope this help you out, im using low end pc with 4gb ram, and i run 30-50 fps outdoor, and 50-60 indoor

I want to make sure you already familiar with installing some mod, if you are new to mod, you better learn how to mod your skyrim first

now lets begin, you need to have skyrim that already updated with Skyrim pacth 1.5 or higher, you can install all DLC Pacth like Heartfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn If you have it, dont forget to add Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Pacth as well, heres the link

Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Pacth


now, after you has all of those, download BethINI for better skyrim configuration


after you have BethINI, open your skyrim launcher, choose option, set low, dont disable Vsync, after that let it be, now open BethINI, choose skyrim

then open detail, check remove shadow, why? shadow are 70% causing lag on your skyrim, it will drop your fps, yeah you will lose the shadow

but think of this, you have no shadow in gameplay, but your gameplay has 40-60 fps, so we need to disable it in order to gain FPS

set field of view the lowest option, decal quantity poor, changes the particles value to 125, check decal, check water ripples

change reflection resolution to 128, then open visual, check remove grass, dynamic trees (this will disable tree to moving)

Skinned trees (this will remove small tree with ugly looking) and tree animation

Note: Personal advice, if you setting skyrim screen resolution like 1366 : 768, its sometimes causing lag for those who can handle it, more big the resolution, the more heavy your machine handle it, thats why some people try to play in windowed screen, but dont worry, ill fix that for ya, set your screen resolution on your bethini 1280 : 500, that will give you cinematic screen also fix the lag caused by screen resolution, and its better than playing in windowed screen would you agree? here a mod that support wide screen

Trueby9 Ultrawide Skyrim



you may familiar with this one, download the lastest ENB, then instal on your skyrim, ill put the tutorial video how to instal ENB

now download my mod, i put my enblocal there (FOR 4GB Ram Pc/Laptop user, cause im using 4GB Ram Laptop), already tuned for performance setting

so just simply replace your enblocal with mine, heres the link for enb installation tutorial and download

with all of those setting in your gameplay, you already gain more fps than before, now if you wish to gain more fps and have fast loading

here all perfomance mod i use to maintain my fps, simply download it and install it

Skyrim Project Optimization

[/url]Absorb Tint Removal

Vanilla Reduces Texture

[/url]Skyrim Colorful Lights no Shadow

Skyrim Insignificant Object Remover

[/url]Skyrim No More Glowing Edges

[/url]Skyrim No More Ugly Effect

[/url]Skyrim No Radial Blur

[/url]Skyrim Performance Hit Relief

Skyrim Remove Dust and Smoke

[/url]Skyrim Remove Ambient Interior Fog

[/url]Skyrim Remove Smoke

[/url]Skyrim Revamped Exterior Fog

NOTE: All this mod should do it, but you can add any texture reduce mod if you insist

you think with all this setting your skyrim looks ugly now? dont worry my friend now i will share visual mod that has no fps hit

so you have higher fps and enchanted visual as well

Purity ( This Mod Enchanced Skyrim with better look but no perfomance hit, you dont need to install water mod if you have this, this mod already do it)

ELFX [/url](NOTE: Im Only Using ELFX Weather, ELFX Interior will hit your FPS, but not as much as RLO, MAKE SURE ELFX IN LOWER OF PURITY)

[/url]I Hope you guys support me by endorse or share my guide/mod, if you looking for friendly perfomance mod, just check my profile, im hope you will like it

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