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This mod will allow you to have lodging at workplaces that are outside of a city or town in Skyrim. There will only be lodging available for chop wood jobs, farming jobs, mining jobs, sawmill jobs and smelting jobs. If the workplace is just outside of a city there workplace will not offer lodging. To get the lodging you must talk to the boss that offers the job. When you ask the boss about lodging they will give you a key and give you permission to stay on the property. Inside you can store items in any container and take mostly any item inside the accommodations such as food, drinks and materials. You will also be able to sleep in most of the beds. This mod was made for those who use my Needs mod and want a place to sleep when working at workplaces outside of a city or town. If you want the Skyrim Special Edition version go here.




Needs (Optional)

To install just download then extract folder and drag plugin into your data folder.

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