Skyrim Odavira dragoness conjurer and necromancer follower.

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Odavira is back!- -New abilityes: Shouts: -Special unrelenting force dragon version 

                                                                        -Marked for death 


                                                                        -Call of valor 

                                                                        -Alduin’s resurection power for ressurecting everything to fight on ur side for some seconds (slight chance she can                                                                                   ressurect killed dragons as alduin does since it’s his shout) 

                                                                        -Animal allegiance 


So what can she summon except the call of vallor heroes?  

She can summon: -1 dremora lord 

                                -2 dragon priest 

                                -3 flaming familiar 

                                -4 storm frost and flame atronach 

Just 1? or 1 of each?  

No she can summon multiple of each 😉 and dont worry no meteor shout nothing op but very great battles with this new style 


And silenced u will hear the roar and her voice but when she is medium distance… u will hear it slow…  


Improved AI dinamic combat… she will give u some space after summoning allies close to you she will go take care of bothering distance opponents: archer mages so u can fight peacefully mele battles.  


She will find u during ur travels… or like the old one quick travel to witherun stables and wait few seconds and she will show up 


She looks like alduin now and with some textures can be very unique, old version had odaviing look 🙂 


She will always follow u in flight and wait u outside and hunting mean while so when u came out she will came to you in a few seconds 


Special thx to creators of this texture i love it! alsow to whiterun guards for helping me with my last mod’s test xd 🙂

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