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As the first mod of this (hopefully) upcoming mini-series, I dedicated this mod  to empowering one of if not my most favored path to take within video games: Necromancy. To accomplish this, I edited certain pre-existing spells, enemies and even an item related to Necromantic lore as well as adding brand new Summons all of which can be presumed to be lore friendly based on the research I did when creating these spells.

The following list indicates the edits to vanilla assets (and yes, this would mean other mods that also edit these will likely conflict)

Soul Cairn Summons: These are essentially hyped up in lore to be some of the most powerful undead creatures a Necromancer can control, so much that the very souls of a Necromancer both captured and eponymous are worth risking to obtain their service, yet in vanilla 2 of them are nigh worthless, and one of them is a slightly tankier version of the Dremora Lord, thus the first edits made, tackle these iconic minions.

 - Conjure Boneman: changed to novice level spell, changed their bow and arrows into leveled variants, gave them a leveled one-handed weapon

  * Surely now, the Boneman can prove its worth forwarding your dark agenda

 - Conjure Mistman: changed to apprentice level spell, can now use Frost Cloak, Ice Storm, Ice Spike and Frost Breath Shout

  * While it’s damage output is still mainly frost damage, that damage is now much more consistent and impactful

 - Conjure Wrathman: changed to adept level spell, can now use Drain Vitality shout

  * This spell saw the least of the changes simply since it was already “viable” in vanilla, however, there is always room to improve,

  and why it’s been downgraded to adept level will be explained further down this page.

Necromancer’s Amulet: One of Mannimarco’s most infamous artifacts, designed to grant great regeneration, magickal protection and increased wisdom with conjuration (and obviously necromancy) at the cost to one’s physical health, yet in vanilla we get a cheeky conjuration caster item at best. Thus the following edits/additions have been made to truly represent the greatness of Mannimarco’s craftsmanship.

 - grants 150% Health Regeneration

 - debuffs HP by 75 pts

 - grants 40% Spell Absorption

 - grants 25% Magick Resistance

 - all other vanilla effects have been untouched

The Reaper: One of the most mysterious entities in the Soul Cairn, encountered only by reuniting the 3 Reaper Gems within its Lair. You’d think with a bar of entry so sophisticated you’d receive the fight of your life from one of the Ideal Master’s greatest minions, yet what we get in vanilla in terms of combat is a glorified Draugr. This is where this mod comes in and turns the Reaper into a more memorable encounter.

 - Now has a minimum level of 50, and scales in level with the player to a maximum of 100 (meaning do not fight him at lower levels unless you want further challenge)

 - Now has access to Frost Cloak, and several powerful Shouts

After making these edits, I felt that this was not enough to truly give the Necromancer more tools and gameplay to play with, thus I decided to create several new spells to fully flesh out the roster of your Undead entourage with the final piece: Enslaved Souls and of course the classic Mass Reanimation.

 - Raise the Dead(Master): Unleashes dark magicks to reanimate all corpses around you until killed, a spell that transcends traditional casting methods.

 - Conjure Tongue Warlord Soul (Expert): The long damned soul of a seasoned Tongue of the ancient times, now beckoned by your call to serve you. He is an expert in melee combat and makes full use of his Voice to further pummel his enemies.

 - Conjure Ascendant Clever Craftswoman (Expert): In the ancient days of the Nords, they held an appreciation for magick, the “Clever Craft” as they called it. However, even then the lure of Necromancy tempted many (Durnehviir himself is proof), and this woman in particular succeeded in obtaining forbidden spells in life, at the cost of her soul to the Ideal Masters. In your service however, she provides enough power to fend for herself but proves her mastery in unleashing her own Soul Cairn servants in battle.

 - Conjure Ancient Huntsman (Expert): An art that transcends time, Nords in both the modern and the ancient eras have long cherished the skill of huntsmanship. Though in the ancient days, Nords hunted Dragon cultists just as much as animals, and armed with a comparatively basic skill with the Voice they often never lose their prey.

 - Conjure Wolf Queen Potema (Expert): The ritual found and interrupted in Wolfskull Cave was an attempted binding by inferior mages to enslave the powerful spirit of Potema, an infamous Necromancer with incredible willpower to succeed in her mad desires. However, if you can prove to be better than both pathetic hedge mages and Potema herself, you could find yourself a deadly ally in the necromantic arts.

 - Conjure Vengeful Hag (Adept): A love torn asunder by a thirst for power, a spirit in agony of bondage, feathers once black now pale as Skyrim Snow…this spell is the utmost heinous to obtain and use willingly, yet the result is a strong mage with a unique emphasis on lethal claws.

To obtain these spells, they are found in the following locations: Reaper’s corpse loot, next to boss level chest after fighting Potema, Moira’s Corpse

I spent several weeks if not a few months learning and tinkering with the CK, alongside many revisions and edits to this mod to make it feel worthy of releasing into the Nexus as this is admittedly my first foray into Skyrim Mod Creation, which means I am 120% ready for any constructive critique and inquiring questions that can be utilized to improve this and my future mods for the better.

With all this said, Enjoy!!

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