Skyrim Realistic Conquering for Fort Takeovers

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– Important! – Read the ‘Known issue(s)’ tab! —


This mod makes changes to forts, towers, camps, mines and other places that are inhabited by monsters**.

 Fort Takeovers Framework[/size][/color] these locations change after being cleared by the player and become inhabited by soldiers, guards, regular civilians or whatever Acherones feels like (suggestions are also welcome).

**Monsters: Creatures and NPCs which inhabit locations after being abandoned by the owner.

    For example: wolfs, spiders, witches, bandits and such.

This is a WIP and for the time being will always be updated later than the individual mods found on SSE. Also this All-In-One Pack only contains mods which Acherones feels are good enough. Mods which bring too many issues and/or break immersion until fixed will not be included until they fix these issues. Which means this pack is your safest bet.

Link to original mod

Note From The Author

For now, this mod only makes lightweight changes to forts and such places to become more immersive using the Fort Takeovers mod. 

As of now Acherones is not really making overhauls, but they may start doing more robust versions after they gain more experience. The current versions will become Lite versions if they do.

If you have any suggestions for locations to makeover, or changes to the current locations, please contact them, they are eager to listen. 

Doesn’t mean they will do it but still.


For notes on lore or information about the individual locations, click the links below.

Currently included in the pack:

Locations currently being worked on:

    [*]Robber’s Gorge - Done Will be included in the next update.

    [*]Peak’s Shade Tower & Pinewatch Checkpoint[/url] – Done Will be included in the next update.

    [*]Traitor’s Post – 80% finished.

    [*]Darklight Tower – Too many issues regarding the lighting (caused by engine limitations) which they’re trying to fix.

    [*]Faldar’s Tooth40% finished, but currently on hold.

    [*]Fellglow Keep80% finished, but currently on hold.

    [*]Rift Watchtower99% done, but currently on hold (probably going to redo the whole location).

    [*]HelgenIn progress (many ideas, will take some time).

Locations I got on my list

    [*]Treva’s Watch


    [*]Fort dunstad

    [*]Gallow’s Rock

    [*]Traitor’s Post

    [*]White River Watch

    [*]Bannermist Tower


    [*]Create a modular Fomod installation.

    [*]Integrate Navcut in all my mods for better navmesh.

Known Issues

When traveling from one SRC location to another, right after clearing it, the Fort Takeovers Framework script may stop running, making the SRC changes not appear at all after returning to the location. Read more about it here.

The author of FTF is aware of this issue and trying to fix it.

Best current solution: Don’t fast travel from one SRC location to another after clearing a location. Give the Framework some breathing time

(Read: travel to another non-SRC location and go inside an interior cell. After returning outside traveling to and SRC location is possible again).

If the changes made by SRC are already showing, directly fast traveling between these location is once again possible.

Thanks to:

Apocrypher00 for his Fort Takeovers Framework!

 for his advice and testing!

Original URL:

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