Skyrim Together Unofficial Add-On – Multiplayer Maps

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Simple install.

In Game:

Go to whiterun city, to your left there is the guards barrack. On the roof there are two doors. Divide the players in two, half going through door 1 and the other half going through door 2.

When everyone has loaded in on the simple multiplayer map, give everyone a grace period (say 15 seconds to a minute) (and do not go past the wall until the grace period is over).

Once the grace period is over, you can then fight in teams or solo PVP action. Cross the wall’s borders (on the opposite end of the map) to meet your enemies and see who comes out on top.


Yes, I edited Whiterun so that some objects were deleted. This file was originally a test, but was the only backup file I could find with already finished navmesh, and I didn’t feel like doing said navmesh again.

I might do more maps over time. Depends on when the ST team get object sync and SKSE functions working in full. This is just a test to see how well this concept of multiplayer map making would work with Skyrim Together.

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