Skyrim True Dragonborn Shouts

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So what’s new?!   


All shouts globally enhanced and fixed(no more resistances or no damage on hight levels, everything has ignore resistance). Why? because is a shout need time to charge, it should be the strongest thing in dragonborn arsenal… the voice power no? is what makes dragonborn dragonborn and not be so weack like it is in vanilla… but not a god mode either… strong enuf to make u resilient against really strong enemyes… cuz that’s when it really matters no? Then changelong:


Unrelenting Force- enhanced in power and style: -1st word fires ar electic fireball wich set’s enemyes on fire does burn damage for some seconds + shock                                                                                                    damage on hit                          

                                                                                     -2nd word multiple direct lightning hits with powerfull stagering and damage  

                                                                                     -3rd word like the orringinal but much more stronger and devastating plus deals some extra damage on how                                                                                              good your hit is, is mostly an insta killer only strong enemyes can survive 1 hit… maybe…  


has new implements: -1st word launches a curse mark that not only makes enemy run but it will alsow kill it slowly and painfuly… last’s a bit   

                                                     -2nd word on the countrary… not only makes nemy run but kills it fast and deal more damage… lot more…  and kills it faster

                                                     -3rd word is not only a direct hit but alsow an area hit… those close to the target will be affected too, this is a global area were all                                                          affected will run in fear no damage here 🙂  


Became ethereal- quick resilient and much more effective now add’s invisibility effect and makes it quite impossible to detect  


Elemental furry- has been enhanced more power u use to shout and more faster u will swing… increased and reballanced to be more effective 


Fire breath- one of the shout with a new mechanic: -1st word launches a dragon fire ball 

                                                                                         -2nd word uses dragon fire breath  

                                                                                         -3rd word raging blazing: when u shout keep pressed and it will shout new fireballs 1 after another till u                                                                                                        release the button, fireballs with a good explosion radious and very precise fire damage. 


Dragon Rend- enhanced, the final world will stop the dragon from flying for a loooooooong… time… alsow 1st 2 words muuuuuuch more effective. 


Call Odahviing- will allow you to summon a much stronger dragon every 60 seconds… i have ideeas about 1st 2 words but will came in future need more tests 

                         they are improved but no new functions or effects for now. 


Call of vallor- is almost like u would call 3 bosses much stronger heroes and very quick call  


Frost breath- the 2nd shout with new mechanic: -1st word shouts an ice barrier who knockdowns a bit and inflicts frost damage 

                                                                                    -2nd word shouts dragon frost breath 

                                                                                    -3rd word keep button pressed and will continously fire ice storm projectiles till u release it 


Summon duuhneviir-
same as odaving every 60 seconds enhanced  


Marked for death- enhanced with new features: -1st word like vanilla and does some low medium damage  

                                                                                    -2nd word not only marks for death but spawns bats arround victim wich devour it’s health  

                                                                                    -3rd same as 2nd but witch a divine punishment: victim caught by this shout will live in agony… drains life till will                                                                                       die…   


Dragon aspect- for 5 min unleash your true power… very effective avd very strong on every word… but need some recovery too… so use it only when u really need                              it, u will unleash the power so for weack/medium enemyes… definitley op.  


Bend will- nobody can resist… all will obey u… i will tell you just this… 🙂 


Cyclone- enemyes hitted by it will stay knocked down on ground for few seconds… after all is a cyclone… no?


Battle furry- 1st word very enhanced and last some time…  

                     -2nd word: will teach u permanently a greaybeard ability very handy  

                     -3rd word: Death storm… what?! i dont wanna spoil this one probably best shout i ever made with vanilla assets, just make sure ure solo vs some                              enemyes, not in interious … and … unleash hell…  u need master destruction perk 


Slow time- shorter time but… u will gain an aura wich during slow time gives u unlimited magicka… immagine what u can do during that time… for all 3 words 


Aura wisper- 1st 2 words more effective and extended, 3rd word grant’s ability of a phantom : almost impossible to be detected or get hit) 


Call storm-
new mechanic: -1st word not only calls thunders but will give u a lightning cloack  

                                               –2nd word as 1st but will give u a divine armor lightning shield  

                                               -3rd as 1st and 2nd but 2/3x time stronger 


The rest
have theyr efectivness improved as well… not even the strongest enemy can ignore or resist ur shouts now,they are really deadly weapons if well used but remeber with ignore resistances… try keep in mind that may not always work in certain condition and some shouts alsow with little new features… are added but i dont wanna spoil all… 100% i mean… it’s fun experimenting a bit no?  or to feel yourself the diference and stay amazed or disapointed idk… 


This is my 1st overhaul so dont be hard with me guys.. for anything i will answer in comments… for any details or something 🙂




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