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Some history… I’ve ever detested the fact that there wasn’t enough variety in what Skyrim’s people wear and despite my collecting of many very cool items (hundreds of them!) via mod, I was the only one wearing them. Adding these mods to enemies became a thing with some released tools, but it wouldn’t effect most of the common folks.. Adding these items to the common folks was a painful and utterly time-consuming process.

So I decided to create a tool to simplify that process.  While I was adding more and more mods to my tool, and they were showed on NPCs I realized this could have been a way more extensive thing, as all the mods available can make up countless combinations. So, that’s it. At first I had called this thing “Fashion Skyrim”. Thanks to everyone that tried it in the last few days! It was my very first mod and I messed up with the release method.. Sorry for having cluttered up the news’ pages :p The page was also utterly chaotic and it didn’t explain things very well so I decided to completely remake it (and I also decided to change name because I got inspired from the explanation I made to a fellow user about what all this should have been about… and even because I realized the abbreviation would be “SWOP” and it would sound funny :p)! Wish me luck :p 

Every bit of feedback is higly appreciated! Both regarding the mod or the page!

[/size][/color][font=Verdana]                                     Aim of the project:

[/font][font=Verdana]revitalize Skyrim’s style, having everyone wear different things, in the most personalized way I could come up with. Once the various mods have been added to my custom system you can pick whatever one of these you wish and it will be spread in the world, worn by appropriate people! Everyone in Skyrim should have a wardrobe, not only the Dragonborn ^^

Future Projects: -NPC will change their clothes periodically (coming very soon !)

-NPC will use a sleep outfit when they go to bed

-Everyone will have underwear

-Adjust some armors to better fit in Skyrim and add them (Tera armors as the first big pack )

-Try to setup an mcm

-Add an mcm or a spell to remove added armors from your forging list

-Keep adding more & more drawers!

How:Every person in Skyrim is now using a list of things to decide what to wear. The main tool allows to insert items from mods in the various lists so that the NPCs who are using that particular list will have a chance of wearing those items. I made all changes manually on every outfit and placed things where I thought they would make the most sense so if ever something would seem out of place it’s definitely my fault. Let me know about it please!

[/size][/color][/font]                                                            THE WARDROBE

[font=Verdana]I came up with the wardrobe idea: my system allows to put items onto Skyrim’s NPCs, so it’s like a bare wardrobe.

[/font][font=Verdana]Putting items in the system for the first time it’s just like having to fill an empty drawer. However if a drawer is already filled by someone else for you it’s possible to just put that already full drawer in the  wardrobe and be done with it.

Everyone that “fills a drawer” for himself is highly encouraged to share his work:
this way if we keep the various drawers together we can reach a really high amount of covered mods and allow for huge in-game customization with minimal effort!

You can request to turn a clothing mod into a drawer and I’ll probably do it!
All the existant drawers as of today (release day) are in the files section.

[/color][/font][font=Verdana]                      Create your own wardrobe:

[/font][font=Verdana][/font][font=Verdana]-Download and install the main tool, download and install every available drawer you wish.

[/font][font=Verdana]-If you choose many drawers run either a bashed patch with Wrye Bash (only for leveled lists) or a smashed patch with Mator Smash, including all the “fashion Skyrim” files.

[/font][font=Verdana]-You can merge the files with Merge Plugins to keep your esp count down, but be sure to include the bashed patch/smashed patch (depending on which one you made). Also make sure you include the required clothing mods in your merge, or you won’t be able to merge them separately![/font]


If you struggle with the these things but still would like to have the mods, feel free to contact me either in the comments or via pm and ask for the files you want![/font][font=Verdana]I can provide a single file with every drawer you would like already patched and running

           [/color][/color][/font][/color][/size][font=Verdana]Covered mods & on who they will appear:

(My full wardrobe for now.. hoping it will get expanded)

[/color]Lustmord Armor : Vampires

Black Sacrament Armor : Assassins. Both armors by AmethystDeceiver.

UNP Rogue Armor : Thieves guild members

UNP Ranger Armor , UNP Mystic Enchantress , UNP Deadly Assassin: Vampires. All by Alecu

Intriguante’s Wear : Warlocks. By Akissi

[/color][/font][/color][/size][font=Verdana][/font][font=Verdana]Osare Gothic Lolita UNP : Vampires. By anano

NorthGirl Armor : Hunters. By Anka01

Apachii Divine Elegance Store: Huge pack. Lots of outfits are scattered around the world, but I left out the most non lore friendly (like cowboy and modern clothes). By Apachii

SPOA Silver Knight armor : Warriors. By Dopalacz

Dreamburrows Regal Huntsman : hunters

DreamBurrow’s Regal Assassin : college mages. 

Gilded Doublet : College mages

Wayfarer’s Coat : Merchants. Both from Ellise

Nightshade Bodysuit : Assassins. By Erucci

Unclaimed Delivery[/url] : Thieves Guild. By ForDaWin

Grace Darklings Ranger Armor : hunters

Grace Darklings Attire Packs : common people 

Noblesse Oblige : Nobles

Velvet Robes and Cloacks : Court Mages. Both by Jackifelee

Fur Huntress Armor : Bandits. By Killerkeo


Kozakowy’s 1760 Black Stays Outfit , Kozakowy’s Black Corset Dress , Kozakowy’s SteamPunk outfit : Vampires

KS Jewelry : nobles

Shanoa Armor : Warlocks. By Kurese

Scarves of Skyrim- Lind’s version

A girl has armor : Hunters

Ryder’s Dragonfly robes : Necromancers. By MacGrioghair

Zaria’s maidpack : Barkeepers. By Magnemoe

More Colorful Clothing : common people. By Mentha

Sycophant Robes : Monks. By Merilia.

A Perfect Assassin , Dark Envoy , Imperial Assassin Armor , Drow Armor Set : Assassins

The Hermit, ESO Nord Armor, Lord Marshal and Steel Falcon : Warriors

ESO Altmer Armor , Elven Archer Armor , Light Elven Armor : Elves

True Thief : Thieves guild

Witch battle armor , Queen of the Damned : Vampires

Deadly Trio : Bandit, elves and thieves (depends on the armor). All by Newermind43

Full plate Armor[/url] and Newmiller elven set : warriors

Eilhart Dress : Vampires

Hunting Grounds : Companions

Noble Dress : nobles. By Nimezis

Gwelda armor pack : Warlock and Necromancers

Tembra Thief Armor : Thieves guild. By nsk13

Ciri Outfit : Thieves guild

Triss’ Dress : nobles. By Oaristys

Triss Armor Retextured : hunters. by Psyke23

Daughter of war : Hunters. By Severys 616

Elven Chainmail : Elves

Lucrezia Navarre Robe , Witch of The Wild : Warlocks. By SingleBelong

Colovian Fur Armor , Imperial Fine Clothes : merchants

Rogue Armor : Bandits

Colovian Noble ClothesRegal Medieval Gowns : nobles. By steelfeathers

Ashara Princes Of The Woods : Hunters

Ashara Imperial Outfit : nobles. By SydneyB

Fluffy Travel Attire : Hunters. By Kalilies

Qahnaarin Clothes  : Hunters. By Veratai

Guardian Stones Stash and Hot Property : nice recolors of vanilla clothes, now scattered on the world along with their vanilla colored counterparts. By YamiElisa

Gigaduex’s Armor sets : Thieves guild. By ZapGil

Evil Mastermind ArmorContractor and Mavari Armors: Assassins

Raven Witch Armor : Vampires

Valkyrie Armor : warriors. By Zerofrost

Jamella Armor With Skirt : Warriors. By Zotman 12

ZZJay’s WardrobeWitcher 3 Female Armors : Packs scattered among various people

Maid Outfits by zzjay and gracedarklings : barkeepers

Demo Hunter Armor : warriors

Skyrim Attire[/url] : common people. By ZZJay

Dovahkiins Journeyman Armor[/url] : common people and hunters. By EcthelionOtW

Fur Armor Set , Blanket Scarf : common people. By keungkeung

Dovahkinder Complete mod : Kids

[/color][/font][/color][font=Verdana]What could end up in my wardrobe? Every fantasy-like thing that’s not too skimpy. I am not a lore-strict-observer but I’m not going to add modern clothes, futuristic stuff and the like. If you want something not-fantasy done, contact me or I’d never add it (or do it yourself.. you can contact me for assistance at any time). [/font][font=Verdana]




[/font][font=Verdana]                    Create your own drawer:

[/color][/font][font=Verdana]You can do this with either Creation Kit or Tes5Edit. I work with CK because I like to be able to see the models of the clothes right there.. but I’m aware it’s the slowest option.

Creation Kit: -Setup your creation kit: past these lines in you Skyrim Editor.ini that is in your Skyrim folder. Under general [/color][/font][/color][/size]bEnableAudio=0 bAllowMultipleMasterFiles=1 bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1, [font=Verdana]under messages[/font] bBlockMessageBoxes=1, [font=Verdana]under Archive look for ” SResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim – Shaders.bsa, Update.bsa”. at the end of the line add [/font][font=Times New Roman], Dawnguard.bsa, Hearthfires.bsa, Dragonborn.bsa.

[/font][/size][font=Verdana]- Open my “FashionSkyrimList” and the armor you want to add to lists with Tes5Edit. Wait for it to load, then expand them with the + and click of “file header”, rightclick on the 3rd line (record flags) and hit “edit”. Say yes to the next warning and select “esm” from the menu that appears.Close Tes5Edit and let it save your changes.

[/font][font=Verdana]- Open Creation Kit, wait for it to load and select File–data. Select FashionSkyrimLists and your armor mod from the menu: they should be seen as “master file” in the right side. Wait for it to load. This can take  A LOT of time depending on your PC. I have a pretty good build and it takes around 2/3 minutes for me. I’ve heard from people with worse PC that it can take up to almost 10 minutes. So if it’s not loading wait before killing the process: it may be very very slow for you.

- Now things are different if you want to distribuite a full armor together or a robe/pair of shoes alone:

For the full armor in the window called “object window” select on the left menu items—leveled item. A window full of green boxes should appear: rightclick on it and select “new”. In the window that pops select on the top-right “use all”. In the ID field write the name of your armor (you can name this list whatever, but it’s easier to find out what it contains if it’s named properly). RightClick on one of the white lines and select “new”, then open the “object” menu on the right and look for your desidered items. Good ways to find them are writing part of their name in the “filter” field on the top left of the main object window and select “armor” from the left menu. If it doesn’t show up you can open the armor mod in Tes5Edit and expand it, then click on “armors”: a list of items from the mod will be shown.

- Once you have found your items and placed them in your new leveled list you just created (to add multiple items you have to rightclick the white lines and select “new” everytime) click ok and close it. Now in the “filter” field write “aaoutfitlist”: all my lists will pop up. Open the one you want to add your armor into, rightclick and “new” and look for your newborn leveled list on the right menu. Click ok and save: name your new mod and the drawer is made! Don’t use “outfitlistunderwearrich” and “outfitlistunderwearpoor”. I still couldn’t figure out how to prevent NPCs from equipping undies instead of clothes…

For the single item write in the “filter” field “BootsClothes”: this should pop up a bunch of boxes all called “nameofthelistBootsClothes”, open the one you want your item to be in: inside there should be other 2 boxes, one named Clothes or Robes and the other named Boots and the “use all” : place your item in the correct one and click ok to every window still open. Save and name your new mod!

Compatibility:[/size][/color][/font][font=Verdana] my mod is compatible with mods editing leveled lists, but a patch may be needed to fully show the other mod’s items. For now:

-Common clothes and armors, needs a patch. You can find “common clothes and armors in the optional files.

-Peasant fashion. Needs a patch. you can find it in optional files.

-Warmonger armory: DON’T PICK THE LEVELED LIST OPTION. Pick my files in the optional files instead.

– Immersive armors: I am trying to figure out where the armors get added… if someone tries the combination, let me know the results

– Book of UUNP : needs checking too. 

My mod is INCOMPATIBLE with mods editing outfits. I need to remove the mod’s changes to outfit and insert the items in my list to make them compatible. For know:

-Scarves of Skyrim – lore friendly remix is incompatible


Should be fully compatible with armor retextures and bodyslide. Let me know if you run into problems!


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