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The first of many updates to the original mod to come!

While a minor update, I am just trying to show that I am making progress on the mod and going to be releasing updates for it. I know I promised this months ago, but many a hardships, restarts and other things got in the way of that. Nevertheless! Here is the first Skyscape update!

Please understand, TripleSixes is no longer working on this mod and all the work has been gracefully given to me to do. So to answer that question, yes I do have permission from T6 himself to do these releases. Point in that being, updates may be slow, but I will try my best to push an update at least once a week.

— Note — 

You will need to make a new game for this. I apologize for any convenience this may cause. This will mostly be the case for ALL magic related updates, due to how they are given to the player and how the requirement checks are made. Again, I am sorry. If I could have found a better way to do it, without requiring a fresh save, I would have. Also, make sure this mod is loaded AFTER the original Skyscape mod, as it overwrites old scripts.

— Update List —

v1.0 – Brings the damage spells of the standard spell book into the game. That’s it.

Included Spells —

Strike spells

Bolt spells

Blast spells

Wave spells

Surge Spells


Coming in patches

-Integrate the Experience Multiplier

-Integrate actual magic stat bonuses into rolls

-Finish standard spell book

-Bug fixes as needed


Coming in 2.0

-Integrate Ranging


Huge shout out to TripleSixes, IsharaMaradin, Rassikko and a few others (sorry, can’t remember everyone’s names!) for all the help they have provided in the development of the updates for this mod continuation.

Even bigger shout out to TripleSixes (again) and the guys who worked with him in the original. Without them, I wouldn’t be doing this.

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