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[font=Georgia]What does this mod do?

A user-interface mod which adds a bunch of stuff to SkyUI to show the following additional components. 

SE version is here:

All Items

– Weight

– V/W = value over weight column

– Total weight column added (shows the weight of the whole stack for each item)

Armor Column

- Armor slots (this is important for the in-game organization and knowing these slots helps with creation of other mods)

– Base armor value (the base or default value of the armor, not affected by skills, etc.)

– Warmth (for Frostfall)

– Coverage (for Frostfall)

– Show known enchantment (blue eye icon)

– Show non-disenchantable (red eye icon, items that you won’t be able to disenchant by default)

Weapons Column

- Base damage

- Reach

- Speed

- Stagger

- Show known enchantment (blue eye icon)

- Show non-disenchantable

Armor Gender

- Shows gender under armor view

Here is what the abbreviations mean:

V = Vanilla CC = Creation Club SK = Skyrim DB = Dragonborn DG = Dawnguard

The following applies to added mods:

F&M = Armor has both gender models and the models are different

USX = Unisex = Armor has the exact same model for both genders (things like boots, shields, etc.)

F(VM) = Armor mod provides the female model, the male model is from vanilla

M(VF) = Armor mod provides the male model, the female model is from vanilla

F(ØM) = Added mod only has the female model and no male model is provided (which causes a bodiless male character)

M(MF) = Added mod has the male model and the female model is the same as the male (this is how the game works if there is no female model then the same model for the male is also used for a female character which works but sometimes may not look nice

You can change the above abbreviations in the translation file if you choose to do so.


This mod requires SkyUI 5.1 and the latest version of SKSE. 

You may also need the correct version of papyrusutil for other mods.

Install/place this mod after SkyUI, complete wide-screen fix, and any other mod that has any same files as this mod.

I highly recommend using MO as you can easily add/remove the mod. 

But, you can also install SkyUI manually and overwrite with the files form this mod.


This mod should be compatible with all other mods except for those that affect the same interface files as these (i.e. it replaces these SkyUI files):










I have tested the mod @3440×1440 which is 21:9 ultrawide and @1920×1080 which is 16:9 wide and seems to work well as is. If you use ultrawide the mod order should be like:


Widescreen Fix

My  mod

Tested and compatible with CACO, SkyTEST, Hunterborn, Left handed rings, Immersive Jewelry, etc.

How to use

- Install with MO or similar.

- SkyUI’s MCM: change the font size to Small (default is Medium) [you can also change the font sizes manually in the config.txt file]

- SkyUI’s MCM: disable compatibility checks (otherwise you may get a pop-up from SkyUI saying something about a mismatched version)

- You can add/remove columns by clicking on the gear icon on SkyUI as shown in the images.

Manual config.txt edit (optional)

- You can mess with the config.txt file under datainterfaceskyuiconfig.txt, which for example allows you to change the column width, icon size, font sizes, column names, etc. Make a backup of the file if you want to venture there. 
- If you want to remove a column that you don’t need at all, then you can comment out the lines by inserting a ; at the beginning of the line (Example 1) or remove the whole entry, or you can remove the column name (Example 2)

Example 1 shows commenting out the lines:


;columns.restoreColdColumn.type = TEXT


;columns.restoreColdColumn.states = 2

;columns.restoreColdColumn.width = 0.08

;columns.restoreColdColumn.border = a_textBorder

Example 2 shows removing the column name:

; ITEM VIEWS ——————————————————-

views.armorView.primaryColumn = itemNameColumn

views.armorView.columns = <equipColumn, iconColumn, itemNameColumn, subTypeColumn, classColumn, armorgenderColumn, slotsColumn, materialColumn, arColumn, basearColumn, warmthColumn, weightColumn, valueColumn, valueWeightColumn>

changed to the following after removing armorgenderColumn

views.armorView.primaryColumn = itemNameColumn

views.armorView.columns = <equipColumn, iconColumn, itemNameColumn, subTypeColumn, classColumn, slotsColumn, materialColumn, arColumn, basearColumn, warmthColumn, weightColumn, valueColumn, valueWeightColumn>

the game won’t show the gender column under armor tab if you do this.

Adding a category column is doing the opposite of above, i.e. add instead of removing the column name from a view.


b3lisario for his initial modifications to the SkyUI files

SkyUI authors schlangster,

SKSE team for their great creation and support[/font]

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