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Slash or Smash is a complete one and two-handed perks overhaul. I didn’t like that in vanilla – figting with 1h sword is almoust same that fighting with war axe or mace. I’m trying to make playstyle more different with each weapon. Now each weapon in 1h have two unique perks and in 2h each weapon have three unique perks. I  add few perks for spellsword/duelist/assassin with 1h weapon in right hand and nothing/spell in left hand and two perks for daggers. And in this mod are two types of dualwielding perks  – for swords/daggers and for axes/maces. Swords/daggers very fast – but do less damage, axes/maces slow but do huge damage. No more crazy attack speed with mace and dagger/sword. 

I also add five masterperks in one handed and three in two-handed  at 100 lvl for different classes/playstyles – only one can be selected. 1 for spellsword(or spellaxe/spellmace/spelldagger :)), 2 for tanks, 1 for assassin/bladedancer, 1 for berserk, and 3 for different types of warriors in two-handed. 

One-handed perks: 

Armsman(3lvls 15/40/80) – One-handed weapons do 25/50/75% more damage. 

Fighting stance(20) – Power attacks with one-handed weapons cost 40% less stamina when left hand is free or with spell.

Snake Bite(25) – Hit by dager has a small chance paralyze target.

Bladesman(25) – Attacks with swords cause extra bleeding damage  (3 per 3 sec.).  

Lumberjack(25) – Axes do 15% more damage.

Bone Breaker(25) – Maces do 25% more damage by power attacks

CriticalCharge(35) – Can do a one-handed power attack while sprinting that does 50% more damage.

Assassin’s stab(50) – Attack by Dagger has 50% chance to ignore armor.

Deadly Whirlwind(50) – Side power attack with swords do 30% more damage with 5% chance kill target

HackAndSlash(50) – Standing and side power attacks with axe do a serious injure (bleeding effect – 10 per 6 sec. ). 

Giant Punch(50) – Standing and forward power attacks with mace have a 25% chance to knockdown target.

Duelist(60) – 25% attack speed bonus when left hand is free or with spell.

Dual Flurry(70) – Dual wielding attacks with swords or daggers are 40% faster.

Dual Savagery(70) – Dual wielding power attacks with maces and axes are 20% faster and do 50% bonus damage.   

Flurry and savagery don’t stack 

Turtle Stance(70) – When shield equipped all power attacks cost 20% less stamina and do 20% more damage with chance to cut head. 

Paralyzing Strike(80) – Backwards power attack has a 25% chance to paralyze the target.

One handed Masterperks(can choose only one):

Might and Magic  – One-handed weapons do 15% more damage and each attack  increase target weakness to magic by 20% for 10 seconds, here is video how it’s work  

Send to Sithis – Swords and daggers do 10% more damage and have 3% chance to kill a target.  

Best offence is good defence – One-handed weapons do 10% more damage, 20% chance to ignore melee damage.  

Best defence is good offence – One-handed weapons do 20% more damage. Power attacks has 25% chance to scare enemy(fear spell effect).

Berserker Rage – When equipped two axes or maces, you do double damage when health is below 50%, and have 30% chance to kill target when health is below 10% 

Two-handed perks: 

Barbarian(3lvls 15/40/80) – Two-handed weapons do 25/50/75% more damage.

Deep Wounds(25) – Attacks with greatsword cause extra bleeding damage(6 per 6 sec).

Limbsplitter(25) – Battle axes do 20% more damage.

Skullcrusher(25) – Warhammers do 30% more damage by power attack.

ChampionsStance(30) – Power attacks with two-handed weapons cost 20% less stamina.

Shock(50) – Forward and backward power attacks by greatsword have 25% chance paralyze target.

Reaper(50) – Succesfull battle axe standing and side power attacks make huge injures (20 per 6 sec).

Destroyer(50) – Backward and forward power attacks by warhammer do 30%  more damage(stack with skullcrusher). (Yes, warhammers have the simpliest bonusses,  just  one strong hit = one dead, weapon for real Orc 🙂 ).

Sweep(60) – Sideways power attacks with two-handed weapons hit all targets in front of you. Same as in vanilla i just decrease level to 60.

Mortal twist(70) – Side power attacks with greatsword do 30% more damage with a 10% chance kill target (similar to deadly whirlwind).

Execution(70) – Backward power attack with battle axe do 40% more damage with 15% chance kill target (more chance because hit target by backward attack is harder than with side).

Earthquake(70) – Can do sprint forward power attack with warhammer which do triple damage(attack has giant slam effect). I’m not sure about this perk, maybe it need to be reduce.

Warmaster(90) – All two-handed weapons are 15% faster (perk work but first time it’s hard to see the change).

Two-handed Masterperks(can choose only one)

Knight – Two-handed weapons do 20% more damage, 50% more damage when riding horse

Furious – Two-handed weapons do 30% more damage. Power attacks has 25% chance to scare enemies(fear spell effect).(with sweep perk you have a chance scare two/three enemy per hit ) 

Battle monk – Two-handed weapons do 20% more damage. +100 armor when unarmored. I recommend for this perk any mod which add battlestaves for better immersion 


Bleeding don’t works on undeads, ghosts and dwemer robots.

Knockout don’t work on giants and dragons

Fear works on enemies below 70lvl. 

Send to Sithis work on everyone and stack with mehrunes razor

I didn’t add perks with critical hits  because it’s worked bad in vanilla

I also don’t use ignore armor perks for maces and warhammers, because in my opinion it looks strange when you for example do much more damage to bandit chief in strong heavy armor than to sabercat or frost spider without armor :).

It is an alpha version of mod. All perks should work fine, I test it on clean and modded skyrim, but there may be some small glitches. And I’m not sure about balance, maybe some perks need to be increased/reduced.

I’m not perfect in English, so sorry if some names or description look weird/incorrect.

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