Slavic and European Cloaks for Capes with HDT physics

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This Mod adds European Coat of Arms some of them are not in the pictures. 

Since this is only a “Texture Pack” for the Capes with HDT physics Mod you have to replace my dds. files with the original ones located in Skyrim/data/textures/hdt capes after installing the Original mod

The names will still stay the same so its a little struggle to find the right Cloak but you can craft them at the furnace for 4. leather 

I use the Jaxonz Renamer so it makes no difference to me (OPTIONAL) 

Every Slavic Country is included. 

 requiement for the original Mod

This Mod Overhaul fits to my other Light & upcoming armor Mods. The Cloaks are Standalone.

Like all my Mods i made this for my own game & decided to share that for fun.

Mazedonia & Bulgaria also included but no Pics.  

I Use a 2 Handed Sword and it looks so bad with the cape on my back that i decided to use this Mod Its even more realistic because no one would carry a Longsword on the back in reallife except maybe Geralt & Conan.

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