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A  Slavic Banner Overhaul that i made for my personal Game, I decided to share it for true Slavs or just people who like it. 

There are 2 Versions , 

Slavic Pure Pagan Version, adds many Slavic Pagan Symbols so as the Symbols of Slavic Gods Perun, Veles, Svarog also the Kolowrat , Traditionell Slavic Patterns & More 

Polish Version is the same but with Polish Eagles for Solitude, Windhelm (Eagle  with Resistance Symbol in middle)  & Whiterun (Eagle with Ręce Boga in middle) 

Civil War Addon Adds Polish Resistance Eagle for the Stormcloaks & SPQR Roman Empire Eagles for the Imperials 

I removed the Swastikas from the Ręce Boga Symbols because it would be probably mistaken with Nazi Ideology Symbols even if i used pure Pagan Symbols. All Symbols that i added are Slavic Pagan that been used for thousand of years , Gods been worshipped and Totems decorated with these symbols in pre Christian and even in Christian times in Slavic Countries so please dont mistake any of these Symbols with Nazi Symbols because there are NOT ! These Symbols are still used by todays Slavic Pagans.

If you dislike one of them just remove the dds.file from the Mod

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