Slightly More Useful Zombies

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Have you, like many people, found that the spells involving the raising of dead in Skyrim being almost completely useless due to the limited time you are given to use your zombie? Well it is my goal to fix that. With this mod I have increased the amount of time you are given to use your zombie to the point that you can get a zombie at the start of your game and kill off Alduin with that same zombie without having to raise them again.

If you would like something more added to this mod and anything changed just say, so in the post and I’ll get around to adding it. I would recommend downloading the Necromancy — Undead FX mod, due to it showing the amount of uses you have on your zombie. It’ll be like a small score board, but it involves the amount of flesh still remaining on your zombie friend’s body.




    [*]Give you control over your undead like a follower.

    [*]Add a mcm menu to give you more control on certain settings such as sound and actions.

    [*]Add a map marker to keep track over your zombies, encase you lose them.

    [*]Add summoning power encase you don’t want to hunt down your zombie each time they get lost.

    [*]Possibly fix zombie AI so they won’t get lost and act more like a follower, but it might be beyond me.

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