SMP Dress short T2 CBBE

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Items are in chest in Riverwood. Mod contains dresses. Few colors.

Dress uses SMP physics. What is it and where take it – is written here.

Physics is applied to skirt. NOT to breasts/butt.

You need SMP PE to run properly. SMP PE can be found here

Working configs.xml for SKSE/plugins/hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs I took from Azera sorceress armor (you can find it in internet)

or write manually



        <!–warning : not finish yet–>

        <!–warning : this can be slower because of the bad PCI-E transfer and bad schedule–>













Without that corrected configs.xml it worked (for me) with ctd after 1 miunute of working.

If you don’t have SMP PE installed – don’t install this mod – you will have CTD or physics will not work.

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