SMP dresses pack CBBE

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Mod includes my dress mods, esp merged in one file.

Contains dresses, belts, shoes, bracelets. Few dozens items.

Items are in chests in Riverwood – look screens.

Armor stats like daedric/ebony, temperable, supports weight slider, for CBBE 3.4f.

You need SMP PE to run properly. SMP PE can be found here

If you don’t have SMP PE installed – don’t install this mod – you will have CTD or physics will not work.

Mod requires NiOverride or RaceMenu for high heels effect.


1-6-> T1-T6 types

Mods included:

T1 – SMP Dress short CBBE

T2 – SMP Dress long CBBE

T3 – SMP dress long T2 CBBE

T4 – SMP Dress short T2 CBBE

T5 – Short fancy dress2 CBBE

T6 – Fancy leather SMP dress

You don’t need that mods any more if you install this pack.


for celtic brushes thanks to Falln-Stock

for lace brushes to Myruso and to clowx

for floral pattern and brushes to GarryKillian from <a


vector created by GarryKillian –</a>

<a href=””>Flower

vector created by GarryKillian –</a>

for textures on silk versions to  ClaireJones

and  parrotdolphin

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