Snow elf Race EAR

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This is my second mod, and as i say in the other didn’t found what i was looking for in the race mod i’d downloaded. So i’ve made it myself. You’ll not find here a pompous overpowered race, instead you’ll find a race with equilibrated stats and very similar in power level to others.These are their features:

_Archery +10

_Ilusion +5

_Destruction +5

_Alteration +5

_Restoration +5

_Conjuration +5


_Auriel’s aura: a cloak of sun light and fire that burns normal targets, do extra damage to undead and makes them explode.

_Snow elf temple: 50% frost resistance.

_Altmer remanents: 25 points of magic extra.

Requirements: Legendary edition or better, Dawnguard

To install do it with nexus mod manager  or unzip it and put it in data folder of skyrim, then activate via launcher in data option.

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