Snow Elf Resurrection

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Venture forth with the help of one of the last 3 Snow Elves in Tamriel, Neloba, and Auri’el on a quest to bring back the Snow Elves to their former glory. 

+– Build a new city inside Skyrim, or on a Island called Frost Holm.

+–Recieve a free player home inside Whiterun callled Humble Hideaway where a doggo awaits.

+–Go on a fun quest to retrieve Auriel’s Sacred Arcane Artifacts of life.

+–More to come in the future

                                                               [font=Comic Sans MS]Getting Started

Go to Winterhold and just down the road you will find a shack, Neloba will ask you to retrieve the artifacts. Pray to Auri’el using the golden candelabra on the table he will give you a soul gem, this is the cave key. Travel to the cave retrieve the artifacts and defeat the traitor. pray to Auriel once again and travel through the portal that brings you directly to Neloba’s Shack.

[font=Comic Sans MS]WHERE IS MY HOUSE?[/font][font=Comic Sans MS][/font]
Travel to Whiterun and just behind Warmaiden’s you will find a Trapdoor and a key, pick up the key and enter. 

The mysterious key on the table opens a portal to Frost Holm so that you can see what it’s like. Also Doggo.

[font=Comic Sans MS]Disclaimer

[/font]The mod is not yet anywhere near complete and all the locations are pre-marked on your map so that you are able to travel to them. 

The Hearthfire like building system is also not yet implemented.

The free house ,Humble Hideaway,  will most likely be a gift later on in the mod and not just free. (the cabinet in the kitchen is a secret exit that takes you to the Skyforge)

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