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I have relied on the Snow Leopard for this new Khajiit variant, well my original intention was to make a half khajiit-nord race but finally I decided to leave it in the aspect of the majestic Snow Leopard.

Here goes a little “lore” for this race.

Many of Tamriel’s Khajiits come from Elsweyr, but this variant has lived in the icy lands of Skyrim since before the Meretic era, before the arrival of men and elves.

They have a thick layer, mostly white, with spots that make them 50% more resistant to cold, which also helps them sneak out better, making a parallel with their warm sand cousins.

There are not many accounts of this variant of Khajiit Snow, as they remained hidden along the mountain range that separates the provinces of Skyrim, Cyrodill, Morrowind, High Rock and HammerFell, moving away from all the conflicts that occurred over the centuries .

Currently, many of these Khajiit were forced to descend from the mountains due to the return of the dragons, who regained control of their old mountainous houses, causing massacres in the tribes and destroying entire families.

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