Snowblind Sanctuary

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Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod by TMPhoenix.

2. Use that mod’s Bless Home spell while in Snowblind Sanctuary. It should return with a message that this is your new home, and has five beds (for children).

3. Speak to your children or spouse, tell them you are moving, and select the “new home” option. They should then, after a short passage of time, arrive in the Sanctuary.

Darkfox127 for numerous, extremely understandable and helpful YouTube videos. I could never have done any modding (for better or worse) without his very generously-uploaded vids.  I strongly recommending having a look and subscribing if you’re at all interested in modding.

Blary’s Alchemy Clutter Resource[/url] for the wonderful wall hangings, Alchemy static clutter, hanging butterfly cases and more! A must-have for most house mods.

MrDanSG1’s Modder Display Compendium.[/url] Most if not all of my Dragon Claws, Elder Scrolls, Masks, etc. Display scripts and statics are either directly his or adapted from his work. Beautiful work, generously uploaded! If you make mods, he has all the items laid out neatly with scripts & activators in a room–all you have to do is copy-paste into your own cell, move it around and rename the items. I highly recommend it!

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