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Every house has a history, sometimes dating far back into the past. Snowhawk Manor once belonged to a rich family with the same name, but due to a series of events, they have disappeared from the house, leaving it vacant. The townsfolk of Dragon Bridge have gotten used to the empty house, and ignore it completely. However as any adventurers, you know there’s always more to an empty house that meets the eye.

The Location

On a cliff just above Dragon Bridge, lies Snowhawk Manor, a large house built in a common farmhouse style. Next to the house is another small building that the family used as a storage building. Opposite of the house is a small shack that was used by the guards for their sleeping. Down the cliff, below the house is the family’s ancient crypt. The building is now surrounded by wooden walls, and the outside area is now occupied by bandits.

The house has everything you need in the basement:


    [*]Alchemy Station




Treasure Hunting

The family has treasures hidden all across Skyrim:

    [*]Three siblings of the family have hidden an item close to their personality.

    [*]Many locations are closed and their keys are hidden in places you might not even expect.

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