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New custom winged skeletal race, both male and female (difference is only visible when clothing or armor is equipped). Working werewolf and vampire transformations (werewolf: as normal, vampire: eyes change from blue to red).

All vanilla, Dawnguard & Dragonborn armors & clothes have been adapted to fit this race (no change to vanilla armor, clothes/races). I am aware there is some ribcage and bone clipping and I like the way it looks. It gives the armor/clothes a more reapery, undead feel so I wont be changing this. I dont know if custom armor mods will work. (You will still get the armor bonuses, but the custom armor will be invisible and the naked skeleton body will be shown. I can adapt custom armors with the mod authors permission if anyone wants me to, provided there isnt a shedload of meshes to adapt).

Mod cleaned with TESVEdit




1) I would like feedback on the various armors and how they are working. A couple of them bugged out and I remade them the same way doing nothing different and they magically worked again. Hopefully they are all working now.

2) Bugs: The new game character creation works flawlessly but for some reason when you are the soul reaper race and you type the console command “showracemenu” it results in CTD. I dont know why this is happening, hopefully some of you can shed some light on this so I can fix it. Also please report any other bugs you find with the mod so they can be fixed. Thanks.

3) Racial ability suggestions. I dont want any suggestions about the start spells/powers I have already added. They are staying and wont be changed. I would like suggestions about another racial ability I could add. I was thinking of something to do with soul trapping/filled black soul gems for soul reaper race only, however all suggestions would be welcome.




Conjuration      10

One Handed      5

Heavy Armor     5

Smithing            5

Enchanting        5

Sneak                 5

Total                  35




Waterbreathing: That which is dead cannot drown.

100% Resistant to poison: You cannot poison that which is already dead.

Deaths Embrace: Once a day absorb 100 points of health from an NPC.




1. Unrar

2. Copy all content to the Skyrim/data directory (If asked to replace any files click yes to all).

3. Tick The MWReaperRace.esp in data files

4. Make sure Dawnguard.esm & Dragonborn.esm comes before MWReaperRace.esp in your load order

5. Start new game, choose The Soul Reaper race.




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Vicn Creature pack (Skeleton Model):

Wings:                    Favouredsouls Angel Wings

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