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Hey guys this is b800047 here back with another mod for guys. This is the second mod I’ve made with awesome details and stats for your immersive gameplays. After the first mod, things went faster now that I know how to create at a steady rate. (I’m still scarred at how f-ing dificult it was tho) But enough about me, let’s get into the lore…

*AHE- COUGH*…….dammit…..not again….


*in a raspy old man’s voice….or a khajit having a hairball stuck in her throat*

It is said that death is inevitable…’if that were true, why hasn’t he come for me’ I often asked myself. One morning I wake up and find myself staring at a dark ghostly figure. It never spoke a word, never made a sound, not even move a single muscle…if it had any…it just stared…but not at my eyes but gazing into my fragile soul…”Have you come for me,” I finally muttered. “No,” he said. “Your time is not up yet…but I have one final gift I wish to leave to humanity…and I want you to send a message for me.” “And what message would that be,” I asked. The message he carved into my memory was not of mere words, not of good, but a warning.

Go to Winterfell

Passed the frigid Chills of cold.

When you no longer can go further,

You have arrived.

A gift I leave

To whomever finds it.

To the Gates I must embark,

Guiding those who walk to Sovngarde.

My duty is never done,

Nor will my teachings never die.

I may be absent,

But my grasp you will never defy.


…i don’t know just another backstory i made up as i’m going along…lets do an overview shall we…

Weight: 25 (pretty heavy for your pockets huh)

Attack: 60 (whoever your chasing better run FAR)

Attack Speed: x0.5 (sorry but its to keep the game balanced)

Reach: X2 (it is long tho)

Enchantment: Fire Rune (it is meant to slash and burn you to Sovngarde…no I’m serious, it WILL SLASH AND BURN!)

Skill: 2-handed (i don’t why i need to add this but alright)

Critical Effect: Detects Life (critical effects don’t really happen often but on the RARE chance something happens, this is the supposed effect)

TEMPER RECIPE (not really necessary to add but i know ya’ll will ask for it so here it is)

1 Iron Ingot

2 Firewood

2 Black Soul Gems (FILLED)

3 Grand Soul Gems (FILLED) (it is the Reaper’s scythe…)

5 Fire Salts

Quick Q and A before ya’ll starting going Micheal Myers on me:

-Why did you do this?

because i can

-Was it still hard to make a simple mod?

next question


NOT ALL THE DAM TIME! THIS AIN’T POKEMON GO! YOU SEND PEOPLE TO SOVNGARDE, NOT TO A GYM!..besides you get to see your hand- ops…almost said a spoiler…

-Can i get the id? I can’t find it / I want it NOW!

…..NO….YOU FIND IT! BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW THE ID TO MY OWN CREATION!…no i mean it i’m stilling learning the creation kit so give me some time to research and mess with it further…

-CaN i StIlL gEt ThE lOcAtIoN? pwease oni-chaaaaaa *anime eyes*

…..Its behind the Winterfell College past the Chill Cave toward an ice wall where the game “stops” you before touching the boundary limit…….funny thing i know someone’s gonna put a comment like this…i just f**king know it XD

-Can I post any feedback/suggestions?

sure go ahead, tho it shouldn’t cause any problems since its just a weapon to find

-Other questions?

Re-texture: go ahead, just be sure to credit me

Modify: go for it, just at least MENTION me

Showcase: not a problem

Me as a person: hell no…but nice try tho


And that’s about it at the moment…if there’s any updates or variations, I’ll be sure to leave ’em here and as always leave a like or a comment and i hope you guys enjoy it.

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