Sovereign -Riekling Tinkerer-

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Skyrim version recommended to be or higher

Requires Dragonborn

Requires SKSE

[/url][About Sovereign]

Sovereign was the same as any other Riekling. However one fateful day an Intruder entered his cave and eradicated his entire tribe. Sovereign, barely clinging to life, crawled and crawled to a nearby Dwarven Ruin… Sometime later he woke with some changes…

Not only was his brain damage healed, he had new found knowledge of almost everything Dwemer related… and immediately got to work on his creations.

They called him the mad genius, the king, he was obsessed with finding the most powerful weapon.

Obsessed with finding his [/size]Queen

Sovereign can be found in the New Gnisis Corner Club in Windhelm.

2-Handed Barbarian Fighter

Custom Dwemer Knight Armor

Custom Sword

Scripted Transformation

Uses human skeleton not riekling creature skeleton

At the beginning of battle he will perform a “Spell” allowing him to mount his Dwarven Spider Tank called the “King’s Suit”.[/size] The Transformation Spell causes Sovereign to “explode”, and deals small damage.

This version of Sovereign is also essential and utilizes physical attacks as well as casting spells to distant enemies.

After (1) minute of battle he will revert back.

If he does not have enough magicka he will use his great sword “Save the Queen” which has the magicka damage attribute.

She may be unequipped when you meet her, simple take her sword and give it back. Or not.


Do NOT use the Player.PlaceAtMe Console code to have him transport to you.

The script only works on the original Sovereign

not a copy.

Notes: Do not use the “Wait” in game option to attempt to get him to transform back earlier, this will cause him to be frozen in place and the only way to fix it is to click on him, disable, and enable using the console.

Recommended mods to remove the scripts if it doesn’t uninstall:

Save Game Script Cleaner
by Hadoram

I used the same script from m150 for the transformation, therefor his and my mod will conflict… Possibly.


Vicn Creaure Pack by Vicn

Riekling Followers by Abbalovesyou

Chaos Dragons by Yousukeve (Dwarven Spider Inspiration)

Dwarven Bigmagnum by m150

Vava Follower by m150

Dwarven Ride Chaser by m150

DwarvenKillerMachine by M150

StarwarsDwaids by m150

SakuSakuMSFollower by m150

Transform Hero Follower by m150[/size]



Bethesda for creating Skyrim

Thank you all!


1.0 – first creation

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