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What is this?

Completion of the main quest, DLC main quests, and faction/guild quest lines can grant the player some perks which may be Passive Abilities or usable Powers. Powers granted may be Greater Powers (usable only once in 24 in-game hours) or Lesser Powers (usable at will).

All added perks and abilities will be listed in the “Active Effects” Menu, and if you use the mod SkyUI you can sort this menu by “Source” to make all the added effects be listed adjacently. The perks and powers are retroactive, meaning you can install this mod on an existing savegame.

The added abilities and powers are balanced as per the “importance” and “difficulty” of the involved quest line. So for example the powers and perks gained from the Main Quest and Dragonborn DLC are stronger than those gained from the Companions or Thieves Guild quest lines.

Mod Details

    [*]Main Quest: Grants the Dragonslayer Passive Ability


    ”Whenever the slayer of Alduin uses a Shout in combat, there’s a level based chance that enemies up to level 40 in a large area may flee in terror for 20 seconds.”

    The fear effect applies only on hostile people, not on creatures. The chances are 2/3 of the Player Level as percentage, so at level 50 there’s a 33% chance for this effect, at level 80 the chance is 53%.


    [*]Dawnguard DLC on the Dawnguard side: Grants the Guardian Paladin Passive Ability

    ”The Paladin permanently gains and in combat bestows a blessing of 150 physical damage resistance and 10% magic resistance to nearby allies.”


    The effects are active on the player character permanently, and when you are in combat the bonuses also apply on nearby friendlies (people as well as creatures).


    [*]Dawnguard DLC on the Volkihar Vampire side: Grants the Summon Royal Guard Greater Power

    ”Once a day, while in mortal form the Lord of the Volkihar Vampire Clan can use
    Summon Royal Guard power to summon the strongest of Gargoyles to serve until it is destroyed.”

    You can summon a Gargoyle of the Sentinel Rank to serve you as a thrall as long as it survives. If it is defeated you can cast the power again after 24 hours from the time of the last summoning. The summon counts against the conjured/summoned creatures limit.


    [*]Dragonborn DLC: Grants the Devour Dragon Lesser Power

    ”Having witnessed Miraak at the summit of Apocrypha, the Last Dragonborn can use
    Devour Dragon power on a Dragon whose will has been bent to consume its very soul and replenish all vitals.”

    This power will have effect only on Dragons who are completely under the influence of your Bend Will shout. It kills them instantly and restores your attributes, just like Miraak did with the Dragons SahrotaarKruziikrel, and Relonikiv[/i] in your final battle against him. When you use this power, your character does not shout or actually speak out “Ziil Los Dii Du” as there are no voice files for this line for the various races and sexes.


    [*]Companions: Grants the Harbinger’s Saga Passive Ability

    ”The Harbinger’s resolve is hardened, and can inspire nearby friendly people, increasing courage and the ability to recover from wounds faster in combat.”

    You gain a permanent boost to your Health by 20 points and health regeneration Healratemult by 100 points, and when you are in combat your allies (only people, not creatures) have their Confidence increased by 1 and regenerate 2 Health per second.


    [*]Thieves Guild: Grants the Kingpin’s Privilege Greater Power

    ”The Guildmaster of the infamous Thieves Guild can use the Kingpin’s Privilege power to coerce and convince nearby hostile people to cease combat for 1 hour.”

    The power is a potent area Calm effect (like the Harmony spell, but free and instant), useful for quickly getting out of tough situations and for crowd control in combat, but only works on people.


    [*]College of Winterhold: Grants the Aetherial Veins Passive Ability

    ”The Archmage can r
    eplenish magicka from injuries every second while in combat. The lower the health from its base value, the higher the amount of magicka restored.”

    You start regaining Magicka only when your Health goes below its base value, which is the total Health you have after the bonuses of leveling up, and not considering any of the Health gained/lost from enchantments, alchemy/potion effects, perk effects, or spell effects.


    [*]Dark Brotherhood: Grants the Anathema Greater Power

    ”The Listener of Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood has faced tenacious dangers from outside and within and can mark any target for death with the Anathema power.”

    The power reduces the target’s Armor Rating by 400 and Magic Resistance by 50% for 300 seconds. This power is used silently and is not detected as hostile.


    [*]Civil War (either side): Grants the War Veteran Passive Ability

    ”The hardships and trials of war have tempered the Hero of Skyrim’s 
    [/i]endurance and willpower, giving [/i][/color][/i]a permanent bonus of 20 to Carry Weight, Stamina, and Magicka.”



As all the records and assets used in this mod are new, there cannot be any direct compatibility issues or conflicts.

Patches can be made for mods which modify the “Gargoyle” creatures for the sake of consistency only. Thus, as of yet patches for Requiem (v3.0.1) and Advanced Adversary Encounters (v2.7) have been included in the FOMOD. Other versions of these two mods should also be compatible with the same patches.

Load Order

Load Order of mod folder contents (relevant to MO2) should not be a concern as there shouldn’t be any loose asset conflicts.

The main esp plugin Perks from Questing.esp is also not a concern regarding load order with other installed plugins. However, patches if installing any must be loaded after Perks from Questing.esp.

Any other details regarding patches will be mentioned in the FOMOD installer.


Fellow modders and mod makers over at the Skyrimmods Discord server whose help, advice, and tips is why I could even complete this mod.

Other mods

I must make a shout-out to the Follwers share Knowledge mod. Unique perks based on your current follower, grand idea!

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99640

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