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Enhanced Items and Ability

Version 1.0

Spell Name: Thunder Orb

Damage Type: Shock and Sun

Cost: 50

Cast Time : 0.5s

Location: Starting and Book In Halgan Keep

Duration: 60s

Type: Alteration/Destruction

Other: Can Be used as a Light Source and Sticks To Target

Item: Ring

Enchantment Name: Creation


Increased enchanting, Increased Carry Weight And More

Ability: ++++++

Increased Base Regens

Increased Life 2000

Aura when charging spells and when Charged

Increased Carry Weight


Other information.

I did have an amulet but dont remember if i added it or not.

And i think i changed some chest content in helgan keep room 1 but dont remember.


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99471

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