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Spell&FX Recolor GuideGuide by: DarkOdin

This guide is meant to teach even those who are newer to modding, on the basic concept of recoloring FX effects, and Spells in skyrim.


The Files included will come with both “Word Doc”, and “PDF” files. To make sure more people are able to view it with ease. Another zip file with an actual esp, and meshes/textures will be included too.

The Guide will be broken into 3 Segments, as follows:


1.) SkyrimGradients – (This will teach you the proper way to import, edit, and then export Skyrim gradients.)

2.) SkyrimFXMeshes – (This will teach you how to Open, edit, and save the NIF models. As well, this will teach you which nodes, and properties to keep an eye out for to edit.)

3.) SkyrimSpells/FX(CK) – (This will teach you how to set up Master Particle systems, in both the CK and the NIF model. Along with what properties of the spells to edit, and how to set up the spell meshes within the CK.)


For the esp related files, the esp should only require “skyrim.esm”. just extract the esp, meshes, and textures into your skyrim data folder. the example spell is not in the game naturally. So to get to the room it’s in, open your command console “~”. Then type “coc _scgtestroom”. The spell tome should be on the table. 


The links to the direct online versions of the documents will be posted here.

Part 1 – Spell&FXGuide_Part01

Part 2 – Spell&FXGuide_Part02

Part 3 – Spell&FXGuide_Part03


I don’t give permission to re-upload this to other sites, by any other person. If you like this guide, and want to share it, just add a link back to this page.


Bethesda – For skyrim, the creation kit, and TES in general.

NifSkope Team – For a wonderful NIF editing software. 

GIMP Team – For a great image editing software.

ScripterRon – For the FO3 Archive Utility.

I hope this guide is helpful to as many people as possible. I know there isn’t a plethora of knowledge about this just laying around. Anyways, Happy modding everyone!


Individual Devs:

1.) KettleWitch – For being one of the coolest, and most helpful modders I personally know. 

2.) Nuukem – For SSE creation kit fixes.

Group Projects:

1.) Beyond Skyrim[/url] – Beyond Skyrim is a massive multi-team mod project that opens the borders and brings Skyrim’s neighboring provinces to life in skyrim’s timeline. 

 Discord Link: Beyond Skyrim: Community Discord

2.) TESRenewal Project[/url] – TES Renewal aims to bring older TES games into skyrim’s more modern engine. Most notably the titles of TES III: Morrowind, and TES IV: Oblivion.

 Discord Links: Skywind Community Server

     Skyblivion Community Server

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96686

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