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My First Mod so please be gentle.



This is a lightweight mod that allows the player to enlist any Spriggan(Vanilla and all DLCs) to become their follower.


“Lady Kynareth has witnessed your actions in preserving the purity of Nature and wishes to reward you.”

During the quest “The Blessing of Nature”, depending on how you play and what choices you made, you will be given a choice between -Acquiring the sap from the Eldergleam Tree or -Taking a sapling from the Eldergleam Tree.

The mod kicks into effect if the player chooses to take the Sapling.

Shortly after doing so, a message will appear telling the player of a perk they’ve gained. This perk makes all Spriggans in the game no longer attack the player, thus allowing you to speak to them.

However they will only agree to join you in your travel if you currently have the Blessing of Kynareth shrine effect.

You can only have one Spriggan following you at a time and they can accompany even if you have other none Spriggan followers.

Once the spriggan becomes your follower they will be given slight buff to their stats to enable them better cope with the player and enemy levels increasing. I did this because the Spriggan follower does not level with you.

The spriggans can do all the regular stuff normal followers do like Carry stuff, Wait, Ask to Interact. You can also tell the Spriggan to change the distance it will  follow using dialogue prompts.

I advise not dismissing a Spriggan follower in a public place because whilst they are with you they will not attack or be attacked by any other NPCs unless commanded to or you are attacked but once dismissed they revert to being hostile to all other applicable NPCs.


Base Game




The mod will take effect as soon as its installed. If you have already completed the quest “The Blessing of Nature”, it doesn’t matter the mod will detect what decision you made.


Go to an area without any spriggans.

– Use a Mod Manager[MO, Vortex] and activate the plugin.

– For manual install, move Spriggan Affinity.BSA and Spriggan Affinity.ESP to the Data Folder and activate the plugin.


Dismiss your Spriggan follower and go to an area without any Spriggans.

[OPTIONAL] Do not be under the Blessing of Kynareth Shrine effect.

– Deactivate the plugin.

– For those who installed manually, remove the Spriggan Affinity.BSA and Spriggan Affinity.ESP from the Data Folder


Any mod that changes the Spriggan Race Records will be Incompatible.

Any mods that changes the Shrine of Kynareth blessing may cause a part of the mod not to work as intended.

This is my first mod so as stated above “Please be gentle”. If any bugs are found please post them and i’ll try to fix them quickly.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99738

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